Friday 9 November 2012

Lotus Biscuit SPREAD

Omg!! I'm quite rightly very very excited about this new item on the shelves at Waitrose. Lotus Caramelised Biscuit spread comes in crunchy & smooth spreads (much like peanut butter but dare I say it...better!)

I discovered Lotus biscuits years ago, when I had an individually wrapped Lotus biscuit served with my latte at a coffee shop in Bedford when I was at Uni. I instantly fell in love with the crumbly texture, sweet caramel taste & rich deep flavours of this biscuit! I loved it so much that I scoured the shops & net to find out how to buy some. In the end I contacted a wholesaler and ordered a whole box of individually wrapped biscuits (which didn't last long!) :-)

Not long after, the biscuits became available in the major supermarkets & all was well with the world.

Now, Waitrose have gone & found the most awesome new product & stocked up their shelves with Lotus' awesome biscuit spread.... a perfect replacement for peanut's sweet, luxurious, creamy & is ultimate comfort food. It tastes great on toast, in a sarnie, for biscuit dipping & to be honest...finger dipping in the jar! :-)

At an introductory offer price at £1.65 per jar...what are you waiting for?? Get down to Waitrose & stock up!

Love & Sparkles

Mrs B xxx