Friday, 4 January 2013

Blogging Secret Santa

This Christmas I took part in an awesome bloggers secret santa - where lots of bloggers did a secret gift swap. Arranged by the lovely Vicky Higham at this was such a cool idea, and so I jumped at the chance to take part.

In late nov I was emailed by Vicki with which blogger I was to buy for. I was given the lovely Hannah from  - the idea was that we were to read their blog and find out as much as possible about them - then find a gift to the value of £15 that we think they would like, wrap it, and send it off! It was so fun to find out stuff about Hannah - how she loves to drink tea, and has a passion for vintage (much like moi!) and was really awesome to discover a cool new blog!

After a lot of searching online (all my xmas shopping was either done online, or handmade, as I cant do a lot of walking with my stupid slipped disc) I found a lovely cup and saucer set, and an awesome ration book tea towel from  .... I really hope Hannah liked the gifts!

My lovely gift arrived and on xmas day I was so excited to open it! 
I received the most beautiful Emma Bridgewater mince pie plate - its absolutely stunning and so 'me'. I will definitely be getting this out every xmas. I love Emma Bridgewater's designs, and it was so lovely to be gifted something so beautiful and well thought out. 

My stunning Emma Bridgewater Mince Pie plate :-) 

My thanks go to my great 'secret santa' the lovely Rachael Weaver from It was fun to go straight to Rachael's blog and find out a bit about her - all in all a great way to discover new blogs, and to send and receive some lovely gifts for xmas. 

I hope you all had a lovely lovely xmas
and wishing all my awesome readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR
Here's hoping 2013 will be an AMAZING year




  1. Oh wow! Count me in for next year... although my contribution will def be vintage x

  2. I love it!! thank you!!

    (your far too organised about blogging this!! I've not even edited the photos yet!!


  3. aww so glad you liked your gift hannah! :-) Fab! xxxx

  4. Alice - contact Vicki Higham at the blog mentioned in my post to sign up for next year :-) xxx

  5. Awesome post. You both chose so well! I'm hoping to put together a round up post soon with every one's thoughts and gifts in. Can't wait for next year! xx

  6. It was such a great idea Vicki :-) def be doing it again next year xxx

  7. See, this is why I wish I could stick to a blog for more than 2 entries! I love lurking in the blogsphere and would love to join in with things like this, but I'd need to be a blogger first!! Beautiful choice of gifts both of you!

  8. Great post Lucy...loved getting to know you and your blog, you were a delight to buy for xx

  9. Aww thanks so much Rachael xxxx :-)

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