Friday 25 January 2013

Random Acts of New Year

My husband and I have had quite a tough, emotional week this week, and although we're coming out the other side feeling very lucky and happy, we're also pretty drained, and looking forward to a weekend together to re-charge.

I often find that its at our toughest and most trying times that we can be surprised by the kindness of the human spirit. This week has been hard, but today I have been surprised by three of my wonderful friends, and they have reminded me how fortunate I am to have such immense support around me.

Earlier today in the post I received an exciting package from my gorgeous friend Carmi. I don't know if its just me, but as an adult I get so excited to receive 'fun post' - its so much better than a bill or a circular! Inside the package was a gorgeous card & a great big tube of scrummy Cath Kidston Honeysuckle hand cream. I think its even more special when you receive little surprises in the post 'just because' rather than as expected on your birthday etc. How kind....and just so lovely to read such lovely words from such an amazing friend.

Hand cream from Carmi xx

Gorgeous card... "May there always be an angel on your side"

I also received some cute hand made cards from my friend Susie's children - thank you cards for their Christmas gifts. There is something so magical about seeing the writing and pictures of a small child - so beautiful and innocent and 'creative' in their own little ways!

Beautiful handmade cards from lovely Neve & Eliot xx

And if my day hadn't been brightened enough by friendship, this evening I have yet again been lucky enough to receive a wonderful random act of kindness from my gorgeous friend Liz from over at Little Red Welly blog.

Liz and I have been friends for just over a year, and met through Scone Roses WI, of which she is the founder. Since meeting our friendship has gotten stronger & stronger - we have an awful lot in common, and we work very well and creatively together. We've now teamed up to run the WI group and its tons of fun. It's so cool to be part of, and jointly run such a fun, young and friendly group - and a huge bonus is getting to indulge in all the things we love - craft, baking, cooking, cake, chatter, tea, general creative awesome-ness etc!

You might remember me blogging here about Random Acts of Kindness - Liz introduced me to this idea and its a truly beautiful one.

At about 7:30pm tonight I was texted by the lovely Liz to say "there's a surprise for you on your doorstep!" :-) We scrambled out to find a beautiful box of delicious homemade cupcakes, a gorgeous book called "The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaim Life's Simple Pleasures" and a lovely little notelet wishing us a 'Wonderful Weekend' .... How lovely! It will certainly be the making of a lovely weekend.

 Scrummy cupcakes!!

 In a gorgeous box! :-)

The Wonderful Weekend Book xxx

Card from Liz : "I wish you all the joy that you can wish" William Shakespeare

The book looks really interesting and is bound to pop up in a future post once I've read it, so watch this space.

Has anyone else received some random acts of kindness this week?
I'd love to hear about it!

Lucy xxx