Friday 22 February 2013

Craft, Cake and WI...

As many of my readers, friends and family know, back in December 2011 I joined The Scone Roses WI in Bedford, a newly formed "new generation" Women's Institute group. I was lonely in Bedford, and having decided to settle here with my husband and buy a house, I knew it was time to make an effort to make some good friends, and lay the foundations for a happy life in Bedford. I went along to their Christmas party all alone, knowing nobody, and was extremely nervous, but as soon as I arrived I felt as if I was 'home' - everyone made me so welcome, and the rest as they say is history!

A year and 2 months down the line, and I'm now the President of the group, running it with the founder Liz Wright (read her blog here), who is now one of my closest friends. Kindred spirits we are indeed!

It is so much fun being part of the group, and I know I've made solid friendships for life with the fellow 'Sconettes'. Having a group of friends around me who not only share my hobbies, interests and passions, but also my outlook on life, my zest for creating opportunities and chances to have fun, and do the things I love, is quite frankly an awesome place to be in. I feel supported and nurtured by these women, and I truly think we all help fuel each others' fire.

Last night, Liz and I held our first Crafty Swap Shop event, where crafters from all over Bedford came to swap their unwanted crafting supplies, all under the roof of the wonderful Fancy, the tea room on Roff Avenue in Bedford (website here).

piles of crafting supplies waiting to be swapped

It was an amazing night - with at least 40 ladies attending. Some were fellow WI'ers, but we met lots of new ladies too - all of whom had things to swap, and a passion for a really good piece of cake! It's when running events like these that I realise how great the 'community' is in Bedford, and how networking, event planning, and listening to the needs and wants of our fellow public can lead to really fun events like last night.

The scrumptious scones at Fancy last night..! 

It was a truly great atmosphere and made the arduous task of 'having a clear out' SO much more fun and rewarding. I'm all for giving to charity...but when we swapped away last night it was lovely to know that your once loved items were going to homes where they would be newly appreciated by someone who would now put them to good use.

This is definitely an event Liz and I will be running again - so for those of you who couldn't make it - fear not, the Crafty Swap Shop will return!

Last night's event was even more fun for me as I got to bring my lovely mum along! Mum has been up to visit from our hometown in Surrey - and we've had a fab few girlie days together doing what we do best - shopping, chatting, eating cake, and putting the world to rights!  I'm really close to my mum and it was important for me to involve her in the event - a fellow crafter she totally 'got' the idea of swapping unwanted items - and never a one to turn down the chance of a piece of cake (I know where I get it from!) she was well and truly up for being an honorary 'Sconette' for the night. I felt really proud to show her what Liz and I work so hard on, and how much the group has grown, developed and ultimately succeeded over the last year.

My lovely Mummy (blonde lady in flowery top!) at the event last night, enjoying tea, cake and chatter with the lovely Judit. x

So, what more could you ask for...? ...Family, community, good friends, fun, tea, cake and crafting = PERFECT.

I hope all who attended had as much fun as I did, and thanks to Liz, as always, for being the brains & beauty behind the event ;-) mmmwah!

I'll leave you with a photo that I think pretty much sums me up.....

Mrs B 

(Also a big thank to lovely Baz for photographing the event last night! Fab job as always dude!)