Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pancake Day!!

I've just sat down after wolfing down 3 delicious pancakes, with my filling of choice...lemon, sugar AND golden syrup! Yum!

Hubby isn't a major fan of sweet pancakes, he prefers savoury fillings like ham & cheese. Personally I think he's mental. But today he went for some sweet dessert pancakes with the famous Lotus Biscuit Spread which he said tasted amazing.

I tried out Jamie Oliver's Perfect pancakes recipe tonight after reading his 1 tweet recipe:

1 egg, 1 cup self-raising, 1 cup milk, pinch of salt. Whisk. Pour into a hot frying pan. Flip! RT&Share #1tweetrecipe

It was new to me to use self raising flour rather than plain, but it worked really well. Lovely light pancakes!

What did you have on yours?

Lucy xxx