Monday 28 July 2014

12 Month Baking Challenge JULY: Bourbon Pecan Pie

This month I decided to celebrate American Independence by baking a Bourbon Pecan Pie - a classic American dessert, which I have to say is one of my favourite puddings ever. 

We frequent an awesome American diner restaurant in Northampton called 'Buddies', and they serve the most amazing warm Bourbon pecan pie with vanilla ice cream - it is literally heaven on a plate. I've eaten it for dessert every time I've been, and I've been more times than I care to admit.

Buddies Bourbon Pecan Pie

Inspired by this amazing pudding, and with American Independence being celebrated this month, I decided it would be a good time to have a whirl at making my own pecan pie. 

I used a recipe by Jamie Oliver as whenever I am baking something for the first time I tend to use a published recipe by a well known chef, hoping that it will be more reliable than just a recipe picked at random online. 

I used this recipe for his sweet shortcrust pasty with orange and vanilla. 

my gorgeous sweet shortcrust pastry

I loved making pastry in my new Kitchen Aid food processor, it was so quick and easy, and the pastry was a beautiful consistency. I then lined my loose bottomed tart tin, filled it was baking beans and blind baked the pastry case. Then it was time to make the gorgeous unctuous filling.

This is the recipe I used for Jamie's Bourbon Pecan Pie. It was really straightforward and easy to follow, there weren't too many complicated steps, and I found the recipe to be very reliable. The only thing I will say is that I had a fair amount of pastry and filling left over, enough to make two mini tarts, which husband and I tried before sharing the big tart with family this weekend. So you could afford to roll the pastry out thicker if needed, or load the pie with loads more filling to make it denser, whatever you choose. 

here are my pies a-baking 

Mmmmm pecan-y goodness

Hubby and I tried the mini tarts on Friday (the day I baked them). I very naughtily had mine for lunch! I just couldn't wait until Liam got home to try it, and the whole kitchen smelt of pecan-y goodness that I just had to dive right in…

Served warm with a dollop of half fat creme fraiche - that's a Friday treat lunch if ever I've seen one! 

We took the large pecan pie to a big family picnic down in Surrey this weekend to celebrate my gorgeous little cousin Paris' 2nd birthday. 


I love to share the things I bake with the people I love, and really enjoy watching people tuck in and enjoy my food, so it was great to watch this be devoured by everybody - it tasted really scrumptious, and is definitely something I'll be making again. People even commented on the orange and vanilla in the pastry, and some people even went back for seconds! 

A slice of pie - deep dark pecan-y goodness

Fancy a slice….?

Why not give this Pecan Pie a go yourself? It should't be something just American's get to enjoy - try a slice of this slightly warm, with a dollop of good vanilla ice cream, and you'll realise what's been missing from your life! 

Mrs B


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