Wednesday 2 July 2014

My Lovely New Specs from SPECSPOST *Review*

I've worn glasses since I was 3 years old. 

Back then the only choice for me was NHS specs, and I looked like this…

Oh dear!! This was my first ever passport photo - it looks rather like I've cut my own hair…or a bowl has been used somewhere in the cutting process, and I'm totally rocking my inner Deirdre from Corrie with those specs! Only an 80's child could look like this!

The point being that back then there was hardly any choice of glasses at a reasonable price, and they weren't really seen to be a cool accessory but as an essential medical item. Of course, they are still just as essential for me - I have very bad vision without glasses, and also have a severe lazy eye (stigmatism/amblyopia) which means my eyes are crossed unless I wear glasses. I was hugely embarrassed about this as a child, and had surgery when I was five to help correct it slightly. I'm still very aware of my crossed eyes and my worst fear is my glasses breaking when I'm out in public - I really don't like being without them, I feel naked! You're not likely to ever see me without my specs - they are the first thing that go on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. 

For me, they are my most important accessory and as I get older I'm getting braver and more daring in my choice of specs. 

I've always used conventional high street opticians to get my eyes tested and frames/lenses made up - so when the people at Specspost asked if I'd like to review their online glasses ordering service I jumped at the chance. The idea of choosing my frames over the internet and not even having to leave the house really intrigued me, and I wondered how smooth the process would be, and whether they could provide value for money. 


I really enjoyed browsing their amazing collection of over 1200 pairs of glasses online - I already had an idea of the style of glasses that suit my face shape, so I didn't find it too hard to shortlist four pairs of frames to try on. Specspost sent me the frames (with clear lenses in) to try on at home, which meant I didn't even have to leave the comfort of my own home to try on frames. It was really fun to try the different pairs on - I looked so different in each pair. 

Ignore the crossed eyes!! These are the four frames I selected to try on from Specspost

I decided to turn to social media to help me decide which pair I should choose - I posted this image on instagram and it was a pretty unanimous choice…most people loved the last pair (bottom right). Relieved, as these were also my favourites - I selected those as my choice. 

Once you have chosen your frame, you have to fill in your full prescription (either online, or on the form they send with your trial frames) and then send it off to the fab people at Specspost who will get busy creating your beautiful glasses. I have standard single vision lenses but chose a thinner lens option as my prescription is quite strong.

The glasses I selected are called SHUFFLE BROWN and are priced at £30 (including standard lenses). The price absolutely blew me away - I am used to paying three times that (or more) for my glasses on the high street - and I couldn't wait to receive my glasses and see what they were like in terms of quality. If I'm honest, I was a little skeptical, I just couldn't imagine I'd get a quality product for such a reasonable price. 


After about a week and a half (Specspost always aim to deliver within 10 days) my glasses arrived and I couldn't wait to see them and try them on. 

Thankfully, I was absolutely delighted with my frame choice, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the glasses, they absolutely match the quality of glasses I am used to from the high street. The fact that I've only taken them off to sleep since they arrived last month, speaks volumes I think. 

My beautiful SHUFFLE BROWN frames from Specspost

Awesome retro glasses - I'm getting braver with my specs choice! 

T'ah D'ah! Amazing quality glasses for just £30.

I love the buzz a new pair of glasses gives me - they can totally change your 'look', and add bags of style to your outfits. What I love about Specspost is that because they offer such competitive prices for their glasses you could easily afford a few different styles of glasses to suit different looks/outfits. 

I'm already planning my next choice! 

I couldn't review the glasses without sharing with you what they look like on - so here's the obligatory cringeworthy 'selfies' of me showing off my lovely new frames! 

And finally, here I am showing my specs off at BritMums Live a few weekends ago with my lovely mate Emma…

Overall I am delighted with the simple, quick and efficient service that SpecsPost provided me, and I absolutely love my new specs - thanks guys!!

If you'd like to find out more about the ordering process at SpecsPost they answer all your FAQs here. Alternatively you can tweet them @SpecsPost or like them on Facebook at SpecsPost

Bye for now…

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of glasses for the purpose of this review. However, all words, pictures and opinions are my own.