Sunday 4 October 2015

Welcome to The Furchester Hotel DVD Giveaway

Have your little ones discovered The Furchester Hotel yet? 

Bert absolutely loves it - he's been watching it ever since it first aired on CBeebies. His favourite character is the mega cute Elmo (he was also my favourite back in my Sesame Street days!) and he finds the whole programme pretty hilarious. The premise? Well, the Furchester is basically a hotel run by Sesame Street monsters. What could possibly go wrong?

Funella, Furgus, and their daughter Pheobe run the quirky establishment with warmth, hospitality, and cheerful incompetence. Funella's nephew Elmo has come to visit from America and Cookie Monster has landed his dream job as a waiter, making sure no one ever gets what they actually order. With guests ranging from animals, vegetables and minerals, there's always a surprise in store. When the surprises turn to catastrophes, the team must put their furry heads together to save the day! 

Abbey Home Media have recently released their first ever Furchester DVD which contains six lively episodes full of creative problem solving, songs and lots of furry mayhem. The DVD runs for 66 minutes. 

Bert has really enjoyed having Furchester on tap - he literally couldn't get any closer to the tv screen if he tried! Ha! 

Bert enjoying having The Furchester Hotel on tap! 

Bert also loves playing The Furchester Hotel game on the CBeebies app - he literally gets transfixed by it, and it's so educational that I never mind him playing with it. 

If you'd like to get your hands on a copy of the brand new DVD then just fill out the Gleam app below. 

It would make a great Christmas gift for any little tot - so if you want to start popping things away early for Christmas then it's totally worth an entry! 


Mrs B 

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