Tuesday 7 February 2017

A beautiful personal illustration by Helena Mackevych...

I've been eagerly waiting to be able to share this post with you - I'm so excited to introduce to you the wonderful work of illustrator Helena Mackevych (Nice Things by Helena). I came across Helena's work by the power of social media, and as soon as I saw her beautiful style I knew I just had to commission her to create a piece for our home. 

illustrations by Helena Mackevych
Illustrations by Helena Mackevych

I've always been passionate about art, especially illustration, and there is something so splendid about discovering an artist you love and them being able to weave their magic using a picture/photo/place that means something special to you. 

Helena's distinctive style reminded me of lots of my favourite books as a child, so many of which I still enjoy reading today with my own children. The way she captures colour, expression and mood in her work is so enchanting, and you can't fail to smile when your see her pieces. 

Helena works from your personal photographs, re-creating them using watercolour paints. Firstly, she produces a drawing in pencil for you to check before she inks and paints it. Paintings are done on 300gsm hot pressed smooth watercolour paper and are painted with artist quality watercolour paints. Once finished she will email/message you a picture of the finished painting, before sending out the original by First Class post. 

I commissioned Helena at her busiest time of year (early Dec) and the finished painting has been with me for over a week now. I imagine her timings vary depending on how busy she is, so I'd always err on the side of caution and get in early if you need your painting by a specific date/occasion. Mine was a gift for my husband Liam, and wasn't for any specific occasion, so I'd assured her I was in no rush and would happily wait until the New Year. 

I chose a very special photograph of Liam and our daughter Connie, wearing their super-cute matching stripe PJ's (from Matalan's #GetYourStripes campaign for Alder Hey Hospital). I absolutely adore this picture of them, and it evokes such happy memories of our first Christmas season with our baby girl completing our little family. 

Liam and Connie Bishop - matching stripe PJs
Liam & Connie in their #GetYourStripes PJs

Helena did an absolutely amazing job of re-creating our special photo in watercolour, and now hubby has seen it (and adores it!) I am so excited to be able to finally share it with you!

Pencil sketch by Helena Mackevych
Pencil sketch by Helena Mackevych

Liam & Connie by Helena Mackevych
Final painting by the super-talented Helena Mackevych 

We've now framed this special commission and it has pride of place in our kitchen, for all to see! It's only been up for a couple of days, and already everyone who has visited our house has commented on how wonderful it is. 

Liam & Connie by Helena Mackevych framed
Framed and ready to display! 

our Helena Mackevych painting
Pride of place in our kitchen! 

I cannot recommend Helena enough, she was an absolute pleasure to work with on this little surprise for hubby, and I am utterly overjoyed with what she has produced for us. It is a very special painting which we'll treasure forevermore.

If you'd like to commission a watercolour of your own from Helena then contact her via her Facebook page Nice Things By Helena or her Instagram account

illustrations by Helena Mackevych

If you could choose a picture for Helena to re-create, which one would you choose? I'd love to know! 

Mrs B x