Sunday 26 February 2017

Ceramic Onyx Kitchen Knives from Edge of Belgravia *REVIEW*

Ceramic Onyx Knife Collection from Edge of Belgravia

You might remember that back in July 2016 I reviewed the brilliant Black Diamond Knife Block and Precision Chef Knife Series from high end Kitchen brand Edge of Belgravia.

It's now seven months on and I'm still absolutely loving my knife block and original four knives. The Black Diamond Knife Block has space for up to eleven knives though, so my initial four were looking a tiny bit sparse, so I was thrilled when this lovely brand sent me their 5 piece Ceramic Onyx Knife collection (priced at £299.90) to help fill up my block! 

Black Diamond Knife Block

The Black Diamond Knife block was created by London designer, Christian Bird - his design brings an avant-garde facelift to your kitchen. It is more than just a knife block; it is a piece of art for the kitchen. I've lost count of the comments I've had on my knives since I got them, and I'm so excited to have almost filled it now! 
Ceramic Onyx Knife Collection from Edge of Belgravia

The set comprises of five spectacular knives, which are not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely well designed and ridiculously sharp - perfect for someone who spends so much time in the kitchen, like me! 

Edge of Belgravia Knives in Black Diamond Knife Block
The Black Diamond Knife Block from Edge of Belgravia

chefs knife ceramic onyx


6” | 15CM

Whether chopping, dicing, mincing or slicing, the versatile Chef’s Knife is a cutting edge tool for every kitchen. Durable, adaptable and ergonomically designed, this multi faceted knife is the key to superb creativity in the kitchen.
slicer knife ceramic onyx


6” | 15CM
The Ceramic Slicer is engineered for slicing roasted meat and cutting fish, its 6-inch narrow blade renders it an avant-garde carving knife, seamlessly slicing accurate cuts across roasted joints of savoury beef and fish filet.

santoku ceramic onyx


5” | 12.5CM
The Ceramic Santoku comprises a santoku style blade famous for its "three virtues": slicing, dicing and mincing. The Santoku has been expertly engineered for slicing and chopping vegetables such as crisp courgettes, delicious cherry tomatoes, and is also highly suited for preparing sushi.
Utility knife ceramic onyx


4” | 10CM
The Utility Knife is lightweight in design and ideal for food items that are too large for a paring knife and too small for a chef’s knife, such as pungent peppers, juicy apples or crisp squash.
Paring knife ceramic onyx


4” | 10CM
The Paring Knife provides increased manageability for great precision. Featuring a straight 4-inch narrow blade, tapering to a pointed tip, it peels, minces, cores and cuts small food items and ingredients with splendid ease, whether shallots, ripe lemon or small fruit.
Edge of Belgravia Knives
Uber modern and sleek knife block

I love the range of knives in this set - it's a really good all-rounder set to cover all bases in the kitchen. I find the knives so easy to hold, they aren't as heavy as other kitchen knives and they look really modern and stylish inside the diamond knife block - an added bonus for sure. They truly make a beautiful addition to my kitchen, and I've already had compliments on them from visitors. 
I've been putting the knives through their paces over the past week - and so far I am not disappointed! I feel sure they will last me for years and years as promised by Edge of Belgravia. 
If you're looking for new stylish, reliable and long lasting knives for your kitchen then these are definitely worth the money.
Mrs B
I was sent the Ceramic Onyx Kitchen Knives set from Edge of Belgravia in exchange for this honest review.