Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have fun spooky things planned for today! I've not gotten round to carving a pumpkin this year, but we have been to an awesome Halloween party at Lovely Liz's house, and I've baked Halloween cupcakes for our friends wedding today. :-)

I spent a bit of yesterday baking and icing with orange buttercream these
Honey & Spice cupcakes...they're from a lovely recipe book I got for my birthday from my lovely mother-in-law, which has 1001 recipes for cakes (heaven!!). The flavourings are of the title; pure clear honey & allspice; I thought that sounded nice and autumnal/halloweeny. I used a real vanilla pod to flavour the butter icing, added orange food colouring & orange/black sugar pearls for simple decoration.

I'm really pleased with how my piping turned out. I've recently started using the blue plastic throwaway piping bags & they are insanely good. I buy in bulk from eBay & I have to say they beat any other piping bag I've ever used. Also have a large star nozzle now, which I'm finding gives much better results.

I hope the cupcakes go down well today at the wedding!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Cooper-to-be! I know it's going to be a lovely day.

Said recipe book....

Just out of the oven...waiting for buttercream! 

Orange buttercream & halloween sugar pearls. :-)

boxed & ready for the wedding :-)

Halloween Party....

On Saturday hubby & I ventured out to our marvellous friend Liz's house for a Halloween party & had so much fun! Liz had decorated her lovely home, with gorgeous homemade orange & black pom poms, and halloweeny bits, supplied a "blood bar" where she dished out her scrummy warm butter beer lethal punch and put out an amazing spread of food including hot dogs, chilli & rice, homemade corn bread, nachos, red velvet cupcakes, individual chocolate trifles, and homemade chocolate frogs (Harry Potter stylee!) WOW it was all so delicious & we felt very spoilt!
Here's a few pics of the party... (Look at my spooky eyes!!!)


The "Blood Bar"

Red Velvet cupcakes, RIP cupcakes, spiderweb cupcakes & homemade Chocolate Frogs! 

Lovely Liz

Halloween Fireplace!

Look into my eyes!

Our lovely vegetarian friend Lisa in her meat outfit! Brilliant!

Lovely hubby as "Where's Wally from the Halloween special" (his words!)

Homemade Chocolate Frog (yay - you can see my Batman Rara skirt in the background - awesome huh?)