Wednesday 26 March 2014

BOON Feeding Set Review for Tomy

Bert and I were recently sent some cool feeding products to review by the fab people over at Tomy . The products are made by BOON, which is a company I hadn't previously heard of (I am new to this parenting malarkey though!). They make fun, modern, colourful and highly innovative products for babies from baths, to feeding utensils, vegetable choppers to food mashers - all designed to make life with your little one a tad easier. 

Bert is still relatively new to this eating solid food business - he's been on purees now for 3 months, and has gotten on really well. He truly does love his food (I wonder where he gets that from?). Now he's fully adapted to a life of consuming stuff other than milk I thought it would be a good time to have a try at some finger foods as well as purees. We used one of our cool BOON Platter plates to give Bert his first selection plate of finger foods - Bert tried:

Tetris shaped bread and butter (because Bert is THAT cool!)
pieces of very ripe banana
pieces of very ripe avocado
a few quavers 
and very ripe piece of nectarine

BOON Platter (3 Pack) is priced at £11.99 

The BOON Platter was perfect for a selection of finger foods: the little varied size compartments make it easy to separate foods (this would be fab if you have a child who doesn't like their foods to touch - I know its a common problem with children). The lovely bright colours make the plate really inviting and interesting - Bert instantly wanted to reach out and touch it. The best feature comes from the rubbery slip resistant bottom, which stops the plate from sliding around all over the place - making it much easier for your little one to feed themselves without the whole plate ending up on the floor (definitely a massive plus as we all know the carnage and mess feeding time can leave behind!)

I like this feeding myself thing mum! 

awesome rubbery bottom stops the plate from slipping all over the place

these quavers are tasty mum! 

yes, thats a sandwich half poking out his mouth - cute! 

this is fun

is there anything cuter than seeing these chubby fingers covered in butter for the first time?

At breakfast time we tried out the BOON Catch Bowl - I made Bert his favourite combo of Farley's Rusk mashed with Heinz Yoghurt & Fruit cereal (baby rice) - he absolutely loves it! The catch bowl comes with a non-slip bottom much like the platters, along with a rubber "catch it" bib/lip attached to the main bowl, which helps catch any drops and spills - this lip will come in especially handy when Bert is at the stage of wanting to feed himself. 

BOON Catch Bowl - Orange/Blue is priced at £8.99

Bert was interested in the bowl straight away and enjoyed touching it - I think he will especially enjoy this bowl when he is feeding himself, and it will make his life easier as it won't slip and slide all over his high chair tray. 

The lip on the bowl is great even when you're feeding your baby - you can tuck it under their chin and it will catch any mouthfuls they decide to spit at you! :-)

Alongside the bowl we tried out the BOON Benders cutlery set - the set comes with a chunky spoon and fork, both of which can be bent at the top to suit either left handed or right handed children - genius! 

BOON Benders Cutlery - Orange/Blue is priced at £5.99 

straight spoon

Bent to the left

Bent to the right

Although Bert isn't close to feeding himself yet - I let him hold the spoon, put it to his mouth and get used to the motion of bring cutlery to his mouth. He was instantly drawn to the bright colour of the spoon and seemed to find it easy to hold, and got it straight into his mouth without any fuss. 

Look at those cheeky chops! 

We got on very well with the BOON products we were sent - they've all now gone through the dishwasher (top shelf) a couple of times, and have come out perfectly. They are practical from a parent's perspective, and fun for your kids, and I think these items are priced very fairly.

What Else Do BOON Have to Offer??

Now I've discovered BOON I couldn't resist having a peek at what other awesome products they have to offer. 

I like very much that on the whole their products are reasonably priced, and pretty accessible to most budgets - however, if you have a bit of extra cash to spend you could splash out on this pretty awesome Flair High Chair priced at £199.99 which comes with an inbuilt pneumatic lift! 

Another product I love - which I could imagine would come in really handy, is this food masher. No batteries or sockets are needed to work this little gadget and it lets you mush up fruit, veggies and boneless meats all at the turn of a handle - you can make your own homemade baby food in minutes! Plus, it isn't noisy like food processors, so it won't wake up your sleeping baby - doubly awesome! 

The Mush- Food Masher is priced at £19.99

BOON have lots of other great products on offer to parents nation-wide - their website is well worth a browse - especially for those of us at the weaning stage. 

It's onwards and upwards for Bert and his weaning journey - we're going to continue with our lunch time finger foods - I'm planning on trying him with some pre-cooked vegetables like carrots and courgette, some slices of ham, and some mashed avocado or cheese spread sandwiches over the next few weeks. 

Wish us luck! 

Mrs B


Disclaimer: We were sent these products for the purpose of this review - all opinions and words are my own.