Sunday 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day! GuyLian and Precious Plates Review...


Me and my gorgeous boy! 

I'm pretty excited about today as it is my first ever Mother's Day celebration as a Mum - last year I was 4 months pregnant with Bert, and I can remember really clearly wondering what this Mother's Day would be like…

For today I have arranged a lovely big family meal at lunchtime with my husband, Bert, my mum, my twin sister, mother in law, father in law, brother in law and sister in law at a new local restaurant/hotel called d'Pary's - I'm so looking forward to trying out what looks like a fabulous new venue in Bedford, and cant wait for us all to get together and celebrate the day. 

My husband and I always treat our mums to sweet little gifts and cards on Mother's Day, and this year is no exception. 


My mum has a really sweet tooth - especially when it comes to chocolate, so when the lovely people at GuyLian (my most favourite chocolate in the whole world) offered to send me this big box of 32 GuyLian Sea Horses in time for Mother's Day it seemed silly not to pass them on to my lovely mum, who I know will really enjoy tucking into them! It was blooming hard to part with them to be honest, as they truly are my favourite chocolates; but there's no more deserving person to give them to than my mum! 


I also thought I'd better buy mum a gift to keep (not that she'd mind me only giving her a giant box of chocolates!) I chose a gorgeous personalised plaque from Jem over at Precious Plates (a small craft business based in my hometown of Bedford). Where I can, I love to support local businesses and Jem makes such lovely things that they're hard to resist! At Christmas she made Bert a beautiful personalised Santa snack plate and she hasn't disappointed with this beautiful Mother's Day plaque which cost £10. 

"Only the best Mums and Dads get promoted to Nanny and Grandad….Nanny Seaside - Bert - Grandad Grumps"

My silly mum is called 'Nanny Seaside' because when I was pregnant she told me she had always envisioned herself as being retired and living by the seaside when she was a nan - she said she'd dreamed of being called 'Nanny Seaside' and then the name sort of stuck! She does live quite close to the seaside - much closer to it than we do, so I guess it is a reasonably accurate name! And anyhow, she still plans to move to the coast when she retires, and so it will be totally relevant then!

My stepdad is called 'Grandad Grumps' because we always joke with him that he is the grumpiest man ever (think Victor Meldrew!) :-) hahaha…my poor stepdad gets lots of stick from the rest of the family (he is pretty grumpy though!)

All in all I think these are pretty perfect gifts for my lovely mum - and I hope she'll be pleased with them when she opens them today. I'm chuffed with the pairing of something luxurious for her to consume, and something lovely for her to keep - double win! 


This year I feel especially emotional about Mother's Day - not only because it's my first as a mum to Bert, but because this last year has really taught me how much I love and appreciate having such an awesome Mum. Mum was one of my birthing partners (as well as my husband) and they made the most awesome and supportive team - it would have been so much harder if my mum hadn't been there, when you're in pain you always want your mum, right? 

Becoming a mum myself has made me discover a new-found respect for my mum, and all she has done for me over the years. Now that I understand what the love for your own child feels like, I appreciate so much more all the times she has worried about me, told me to be careful, and given me (sometimes unwanted) advice, which *annoyingly* is always right! :-)


To finish off I thought I'd share my favourite pictures of me and my beautiful Mum with you all…these pictures were taken on my wedding day…

There was a pretty big drama on the day, as my poor mum got stuck in horrendous traffic on the motorway on the way to my wedding ceremony, and thought she would have to miss it! She was calling me in tears saying she was stuck in complete gridlock, and that I would have to do it without her *cue sobs from us both* - it was SO awful. The registry office staff were great and held on as long as they could, but after an hour of nervous waiting they couldn't wait any longer, and so I had to take a deep breath, hold my stepdad's arm and prepare myself for walking down the aisle knowing she wasn't there. :-( 

JUST as the music started and I took my first step towards the double doors, I heard a huge cheer from the ceremony room...she had just run in, mascara stained and determined not to miss her daughter's special day! I have never felt so relieved in my life! These pictures remind me how glad I am to have my mum in my life...

Me and Mumma! 

my gorgeous mum! 

a private joke that made us crack up! happy memories! 

What did you buy for your mum this Mother's Day?

Would you have been pleased with the gifts I chose?

Have a happy day to all Mums out there!

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent a box of 32 GuyLian sea horse Belgian chocolates for the purpose of this review.