Sunday 18 May 2014

TK MAXX Love…Beautiful Finds

I LOVE SHOPPING - of all kinds, for all people…I don't have to be buying anything in particular or just for myself, I love all shopping and browsing - being in a shop genuinely makes me feel happy. I love looking at pretty things, being able to pick them up, touch them, and imagine what I would buy if my funds were endless, which unfortunately they're not. :-( 

I love looking around for things I think other people would love (friends & family), and have got better in the last few years at not spending too much money, and just getting a couple of things I actually need rather than lots of frivolous purchases. It is really hard though - I am hard wired to spend - it does not come naturally to me to put things down and walk away - especially if they're very pretty! 

One of the methods I use to kerb by shopping 'habit' (I'm making it sound like I have a genuine problem, I don't, I just like shopping loads) is to take photos of things, so that I can go away and keep looking at them. This helps me to decide if I really like it enough/need it enough to go back and purchase it. It also means I can share all the pretty finds with you guys! 

Last week I hit my local TK MAXX store in Bedford. I love this shop as the merchandise is so varied (homeware, bags, accessories, clothes, baby stuff, food stuffs, shoes, lingerie etc) and it is a little bit like a jumble sale in that you have to be prepared to rummage to find some little gems. Some people hate this about the store, but that is genuinely why I love it so much.

In all honesty, sometimes I go in and don't like a huge amount, but other times like this week I want to buy it ALL.


I loved these oriental style dragon pyjamas - I was very close to buying these, my husband loves dragons and I thought he'd love to that fact that I had some dragon PJS. I resisted on the basis that it is now summer and I probably won't be wearing winter pyjamas for a while now. 

This cushion really caught my attention - I love its bright colours, bold pattern and the cute animals. Every time I looked at the cushion I noticed something new - I think it would look lovely in a bright modern living space, in a comfy reading nook, or in a child's bedroom - such fun! 

Stunning BATH hooks which would be a beautiful addition to any boutique style bathroom - a lovely place to hang your towels, I thought this was elegant and classic in style.

I adore copper kitchenware (especially pans…they are a FORTUNE, but I lust after them any time I go to a good kitchenware shop) and I loved this mixing bowl, would be a beautiful addition to any kitchen.  It's only £5.99 too - what a bargain! I would have bought this if I didn't already have two gorgeous mixing bowls in my cupboard and no more cupboard space. 

I then spotted this 14cm Copper Triply casserole pot (which they also have in a bigger size too) which was VERY tempting! I will be heading straight towards the copper pan section when my current pans come to the end of their life. 

Obviously, I love baking, and have a bit of a thing for kitsch cookie cutters. My husband loves Star Wars, and my auntie is currently working on the new Star Wars movie, so I thought this would be a funny thing to stash in my baking cupboard, but alas, I resisted. 

I also have a soft spot for stationary - especially notebooks as I am an obsessive list writer. I have very recently been given a gorgeous Boden notebook, so I resisted this lovely 'ideas' book.

These retro style storage tins are just incredible - I would love to buy all of these and display them on the top of my big dresser in the dining room - if funds weren't an issue I'd have bought every single one...

These absolutely stunning retro salt and pepper mills would match my kitchen perfectly - I love the colour combination and shape. I have a great electric salt and pepper mill at home which works perfectly well, so sadly, I left these beauties on the shelf. :-( 

Le Creuset grey teapots. I can thoroughly recommend any Le Creuset products - I currently own a butter dish, large casserole pot, and pie dish and they are all incredible additions to my kitchenware collection. You can expect anything Le Creuset to last you a lifetime - they come in a variety of fab colour options too. I love this grey option - I have a real thing about grey and yellow together so I'd love to own a grey teapot and yellow mugs! #dreampurchase

Very cute Katie Alice ceramic handled cheese knife - such a pretty little gift for any girlie cheese lover!

If I was going abroad this year I would have snapped this up without a doubt - I loved this swimming costume's retro vibe, beautiful floral pattern, bright colours and shape. I didn't buy it as I'm not sure when I'd next get the chance to show it off, and because I'm in the process of losing lots of weight I genuinely wouldn't know what size to buy! 

Beautiful dark green/white polka dot scarf! A pretty addition to any accessory cupboard, would dress up any casual outfit - polka dots never go out of fashion. 

Michael Kors emerald green bag - I don't always buy into designer products, but I do have a soft spot for Michael Kors, and really loved the colour of this beautiful little day bag. 

Mustard love: I can't resist anything in this beautiful shade (my favourite colour) … would be a lovely bright addition to a casual day outfit - I think it always has a bohemian sort of style: very pretty! 

Mustard and Raspberry large bowling bag - I loved the quirky raspberry print on this bag - it would be a perfect weekender bag!

I loved this cute Nica bag - with its bright colour and sweet bird emblem (you know I can't resist a little bird)… if I had a specific outfit in mind that this bag would have gone with I'd have definitely bought it…luckily for our bank balance, I couldn't think of an outfit match so settled for a picture instead. 

I adore these yellow garden lanterns - they would be such a great addition to any patio or decking area - and would make perfect summer evening lights with candles in on the garden dining table…I may well be heading back to grab a couple of these…! 

A really fun retro Kellogg's dinner service with mugs/plates/bowls: absolutely vital buy for any truly retro style kitchen (I'm thinking SMEG fridge, black and white tiled floor etc!) 

Finally, I loved this cute butter dish - I was drawn to its unusual round shape, pretty floral pattern and bold colour choices. 


Okay, so I didn't come away completely empty handed…I did buy myself two items- both of which I've been on the lookout for and are things I actually needed. 

I chose this Osprey zip up purse FOR £7: I've been looking for a long flat purse to go into my Cambridge Satchel which doesn't hold my usual size purse. This is the perfect size, is genuine leather, a great price and lovely colour combo. 

I've been recently looking for some shapewear to help give me some more confidence when dressing up and going out for a night out - this dress style shape suit by Belly Cloud should have been nearly £40, but I snapped it up for £9.99 - it is worn underneath dresses to give you a sleeker silhouette and help hold in your wobbly bits! ;-) I've worn it out and am so pleased with it. A good purchase. 

My final purchase was a gift for Bert - his very own "smart phone" for just £4.99 :-) His eyes lit up when I gave it to him - it flashes, makes noises and is the perfect shape for him to hold easily. Hopefully it might stop him trying to grab my iPhone every 10 seconds (who am I kidding?). 

So, I was sensible! A few purchases that won't break the bank, and some photos to mull over. I might return for a couple of bits (if they're still there) but on the whole I know I don't NEED these things, and money in the bank at the moment is more beneficial. 

Would you have been tempted by any of these products?

Do you window shop? Or are you a spender?

What methods do you use to stop yourself splurging on unnecessary items?

Mrs B