Sunday 11 May 2014

GIVEAWAY: Biscuit Tote Bag made by….ME :-)

Okay, so I haven't run a giveaway for my lovely blog readers for a while, and as I'm feeling generous I thought I'd launch a little personal competition, with a prize made by my own fair hands. 

Part of me is scared to run this as I wonder if anyone will actually WANT the prize that I'm offering? I'm not a professional crafter, and my needlework skills leave a lot to be desired, but, what I lack in skill I make up for in enthusiasm and creativity. 

Most of you will know that I'm a member (and ex-President) of a new-generation WI group in Bedford called Scone Roses - I'm incredibly proud of the group and we have lots of fun together. I've made a huge group of really great like-minded female friends, and joining the group was honestly the best decision I've made in terms of making Bedford finally feel like home. 

This week, inspired by BBC's The Great British Sewing Bee, we held our own sewing competition. The rules: you had 2 hours to either machine stitch a tote bag from scratch OR 2 hours to decorate a pre-bought tote bag. They were judged at the end, and prizes were given. 

I came second in the tote bag competition, and won a lovely Scone Roses canvas tote bag as a prize. :-)


I am obsessed with biscuits. 

Like, seriously! It's not so much about eating them. although, of course, I do LOVE a biscuit. Instead, it's the nostalgia they evoke for me - I remember dunking biscuits in my milky tea at my lovely Nan and Grandad's house every day after school as a child, and I still have a pang of excitement when I'm offered a Party Ring or a Pink Wafer - I am transported back to childhood birthday parties when these biscuits were laid out on brightly coloured paper plates and seemed like the most exciting food in the world. 

So, biscuits were my choice of design, and of course, you can't have a biscuit without a mug of hot steaming tea in a Cornishware style mug…that goes without saying! 

I used a variety of different coloured felts and embroidery threads to complete my design - I looked at a few ideas on Pinterest to cement my design, and then I was away!

I managed to complete the majority of the bag on the night, and was pleased with the outcome. When I got home I decided I could improve the overall bag by adding a couple more biscuits and some small final details. 

So, here it is - my finished bag...

Each biscuit is either a firm favourite now, or was a favourite of mine as a child - what a yummy selection! 

Rich Tea with a naughty bite out ;-)

Bourbon - hell yes! 

Who doesn't love a Jammy Dodger? Why not have a go at making my homemade Jammy Dodger recipe here.

Party Ring - the KING of all biscuits. 

Pink Wafer - these were my absolute favourite biscuit as a child (I actually don't like them much now, they're a bit too sweet!)

Oreo - who doesn't crave its sweet and salty combo?

The classic chocolate chip cookie. Awesome. 

And a big steaming mug of tea to dip them all in! 

Now it is all finished I don't really want to part with it. 

But, I do have a lot of bags, and I like the idea of this one winging its way to one of my lovely blog readers - so enter away and spread the word. 


Mrs B



Lucy's Handmade Biscuit Tote Bag & one pack of your choice of biscuits!