Monday 6 February 2012



So, since September i've been trying to walk as much as possible! and I've been using this Nike+ App to log all my miles. Its been a real boost to use the app as it really helps me to see how much I'm achieving & how far I'm walking - when you see it in number of miles it somehow seems more real!

It's taken quite a bit of self-control and will-power, as some nights I've so badly just wanted to jump on the bus, especially when it was getting darker and colder....and don't get me wrong, sometimes I did - but most of the time I stuck to it, and it made me feel great! 

I have been more tired than normal, but 'good tired' - I get home at the end of the day & feel like I've really achieved something positive. It also really helps to take away the guilt I always used encounter when ever I ate (anything!) When I know I've burnt 800+ calories (some days) I just feel so much better about eating a nice hearty dinner & knowing its not going to make me pile on the weight. Win win. 

So this is my log of total miles since september....

SEPT: 74.47
OCT: 32.40
NOV: 87.77
DEC: 57.4
JAN: 83.13

I can tell that the months where there are work holidays OCT & DEC - as my 'mileage' is much less, but still...I've completed 344.9 miles in total now - and I have 276 miles left to complete before I reach the next Nike+ level on my App (you end up getting really competitive with yourself!)

My friend Josie has spurred me on loads too & given me loads of encouragement. :-) We got into this silly but fun competitive banter, and I think we both push the other on to cover more miles! She is my inspiration most def! 

Also, as promised, I must mention my other friend Steph, who also gives me tons of support, she is so encouraging and positive about my weight loss, and as all good friends do - she sometimes gives me a cheeky lift down the hill from work, when I just can't walk any more! :-) hehehe. 

I can't wait to get my back better and return to a routine of walking lots, and getting back to burning those calories!

Onwards and upwards!!!