Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Awesome Christmas Cards from The Inker's Boudoir... *GIVEAWAY*

The Inker's Boudoir is a gorgeous new website from the very talented illustrator Carmi Latham, from Surrey. She uses her stunning unique illustration work to print a variety of beautiful greetings cards at incredibly reasonable prices. Her cards cover every theme: from 'Christmas','Thank You' and 'We've Moved' to blank cards for any occasion.

The Inker's style is unique. Her amazing images are full of stunning bold colours, and black inked lines. They are funky and modern, and often reflect her inspirations of beauty, decadence and femininity.

I have had the pleasure of working with The Inker on many occasions - she designed my stunning Save the Date and wedding invitations through her bespoke service, as well as designing all of my art work on the blog (you'll recognise a cupcake in the first design I show you - it was drawn by Carmi originally for my wedding, then we decided to use it on the blog as well!). She has also recently designed the artwork for my husband's blog over at Child, Man-Child (well worth a look, they're very humorous designs!)

I am SO excited to share some of her marvellous designs with you...
cupcake card, £1.25

golden grace card, £2.00

foxy rock chick card, £1.25

thank you rosette card, £1.25

We've Moved card, £1.25

That's just a few examples of the lovely things she has to offer - also coming very soon are some fab stocking filler gifts, as well as prints and textiles! Keep your eye on her page, or follow her on Twitter (@inkersboudoir) and Facebook to stay up-to-date with her new releases!!

CHRISTMAS @ The Inker's Boudoir...

The Inker has designed two exclusive sets of Christmas cards for 2013 called 'Retro Noel' and 'Merry Doily' ...
set of 8 (2 designs) for £6.00

set of 8, 4 designs for £5.00

Aren't they just stunning??

I personally can't wait to write these fab cards this year and send the prettiness off to my friends and family! 


The lovely Inker is giving away a set of 'Merry Doily' Christmas cards to one of my lucky readers...

Just enter the rafflecopter below....


(Competition ends on 30.11.13 and will be posted on 31.11.13 in plenty of time for sending this Christmas!)


  1. 3 ROCK CHICKS!! love all the cards on there

  2. Have a closer look ladies...the rock chick set is a few pages into the products list...

  3. http://www.theinkersboudoir.co.uk/product/rock-chic-card-set

  4. I like the Blue on Beige - Cupcake Love

  5. Love the epicentre japanese floral @Amezeylady


  7. I really like the Beige On Blue Cupcake design :)

  8. Beige on Blue - Cupcake Love x

  9. I love the We've Moved cards. Almost makes me disappointed that I'm not moving house! xx

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