Monday 11 November 2013

Banana and Nutella Pasties

I got the idea to make this fab dessert from a lovely food blog by a fellow Mrs Bishop - called Bish's Dishes...I used her recipe but altered it slightly to make 4 smaller pasties rather than 2 big ones. This reduced the calories right down, and meant we could enjoy them twice - once after dinner for dessert, and the next day for lunch! Yum yum! 

They're so easy to make, and they are really delicious served warm with ice cream, or eaten cold the next day! 

We ate ours with a frozen vanilla yoghurt called Vanillamoo which is sooooo tasty and only 95 calories for two scoops! 

Banana and Nutella Pasties


Plain flour for dusting
250g ready rolled puff pastry
2 small bananas
2 tablespoons of Nutella
2 teaspoons of demerera sugar
1 egg beaten (for egg wash) 
icing sugar to dust the tops

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees/Gas 4. Flour your surface and lay our your pastry. Cut out four circles using as much of the pastry as you can (use the pastry cuttings to make cheese twists). 

2. Fold each circle in half to make a slight crease, then open back up again. Spread 1/2 a tablespoon of Nutella on each circle on one half, then add slices of banana and sprinkle with demerera sugar. 

3. Close the pasty and crimp the edges - make sure the pasty is closed completely to avoid too much leakage! 

all ready for the oven! 

4. Brush with egg wash to give a lovely golden glaze, sprinkle with a little more demerera sugar and bake for around 20-30 minutes until the pasties are golden, with non-soggy bottoms! 

I had a little leakage with mine - my crimping skills aren't brilliant, but it really didn't matter - they were still so scrummy! 

These were equally good (in fact a little better I think, they had a more intense banana flavour) the next day. 

Have a go at this yummy dessert, great if you've got people for dinner and want to make something different. They would be really fun to make with children, and are an easy-bake with lots that the children would be able to do without much help. 

If you're feeling particularly peckish or decadent why not make the large ones, and just spilt the pastry into two instead of four. 

Happy Baking!

Mrs B