Monday 18 November 2013

Yours Clothing: New In...

The lovely people at Yours Clothing recently sent me some items from their New In range to try out. Being desperately in need for some comfy clothes to wear for my new role as stay-at-home mummy, the arrival of this package was perfect timing! 

I am now the proud owner of an incredibly comfy varsity-style t-shirt which is perfect teamed with leggings and Uggs for a young and trendy 'dress down' look. 

Varsity T-Shirt - also available in wine/black, and retailing at £14, available in sizes 16-32

Sorry that there's no awful posing picture of me in the T Shirt - although I've worn it lots, there's never been anyone around in the day to take a snap for me, and unfortunately Bert hasn't quite mastered taking photos of mummy yet!

The second item I was sent was this navy and white stripe longline hoody. I'm a big fan of the long top - I personally don't own a top that doesn't come down at least over my hips, I feel flattered and comfortable when I'm a bit more covered up - especially since having Bert, so this hoody ticked lots of boxes for me. It's made of a thin t-shirt material, so is great for layering, and not too hot (I'm a very warm soul and don't often feel the cold so thinner material is always something I look for).

The Navy/White hoody retails at £16 or 2 for £20 and is also available in various other colour ways. 

And here comes the horrid posey picture (that twin sister was around to take, thanks Jo!)...

A nice comfy hoody, with handy pockets (for dummies!)

Lastly, I was sent this FAB winter wrap, and it is by far my favourite item of the three. It's a timeless piece which I know I will pull out of the wardrobe winter after winter. The wrap is a reversible mix of a soft black fabric mixed with a brown and black dogtooth pattern. Almost tweedy in its appearance it has a country-chic look, while being warm and practical - it's so easy to throw on when rushing about with my little Mr in tow! 

The dogtooth check woven wrap retails at an AMAZING £25, and would fit any size easily. 

And so for some very rushed and ropey pictures...please excuse the wooden smile and lack of make-up - be kind to me, remember I've got a 12 week old baby, and am in the midst of some serious calorie-counting, those excuses alone can excuse the 'hurry up and take this photo because Bert is screaming and I am hungry and therefore moody' look on my face! :-)

dogtooth side

black side

Head over to Yours Clothing to check out there other great 'new in' items, not to be missed! 

Bye for Now!

Mrs B


Disclaimer: I was sent the varsity t-shirt, navy stripe hoody and dogtooth wrap for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and words are my own.