Thursday 28 November 2013

My Dream Christmas Stocking...

The Christmas Stocking

No Christmas would be complete without the customary stocking. 

Today I've been having some fun dreaming up my ULTIMATE STOCKING - full of awesome gifts that I think would make perfect presents this Christmas, and any Christmas that follows come to that!  

I really love a bit of window shopping - it gives me an excuse to check out all my favourite brands and websites, without affecting my bank balance. Plus it tends to give me lots of great gift ideas for others.

I hope this post gives you lots of ideas if you're putting together a stocking, or your own Christmas wish list. I'm sure, like me, some of the gifts below will be things you seriously want in your life! 

I also hope it introduces you to some new shops/brands - I love discovering awesome new online shops, there are so many out there to find! 


My perfect Christmas stocking would be something like this beautiful Vintage Style Stocking from John Lewis priced at £26, this can also be personalised with the recipients name - awesome! 


Set of 24 Beer Mat Style Biscuit Coasters from Gifted Penguin priced at £6.99

Because, well, who doesn't like a biscuit?

A set of Christmas Cookie Cutters from Gifted Penguin priced £5.99

This is a really reasonably priced set of cutters, and any baking enthusiast like me only feels happy once she has an array of various themed cookie cutters stored in her baking cupboard! 

Rob Ryan 'I walked and I thought..' tape from Rob Ryan's Shop priced £10.50

You all know by now that I adore the art work of Rob Ryan - how fun would it be to stick this awesome tape everywhere? Well, maybe not everywhere. The 'I walked and I thought' slogan is especially poignant for me as I walk everywhere and really find it my saving grace in terms of 'me time', time to think and mull things over. 

Personalised Baking Ink Stamp from Not On The High Street £14.50

The perfect gift for a home baker like me who just loves to give away her baked treats to friends and family. I truly love this little rubber stamp! 

Sweet Cecily's Pina Colada Lip Balm from Not On The High Street priced at £3.50

Pina Colada is my favourite cocktail and reminds me of fun summer holidays with my girlfriends when I was younger. I love a gift that makes me think of days gone by. 

Liquid Sand OPI 'Kiss Me At Midnight' nail varnish from John Lewis priced at £10.35

Because I love anything that sparkles!

Stunning Estella Bartlett Present Bow Pendant from John Lewis  priced at £16

I have totally fallen in love with this beautiful pendant. Stunning, subtle and reminds me of when I "stole" one of those bows from Clintons as a child by sticking it on my mums back while we were in the shop - she didn't know I'd done it and went MAD at me when she realised about 2 hours later! I felt like a proper thief (I was about 3!!). 

50ml Cocoa Gin from Hotel Chocolat priced at £4.00

Because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without your favourite tipple now, would it? 

The Festive Wreath (small) from Hotel Chocolat priced at £7.50

I hate to admit this, but I'm really not a fan of the customary chocolate orange in your Christmas stocking....this has far more appeal...

Alternative Mince Pie from Hotel Chocolat priced at £1.95

Who could resist this gorgeous chocolate mince pie? Such a fun & scrummy addition to any stocking this year. 
Christmas Pudding flavour Beanies Coffee priced at £2.50 for 50g

I am a big coffee drinker (especially since Bert came along!) and would love to try these awesome flavours. 
Irish Cream flavour Beanies Coffee priced at £2.50 for 50g

Tetris Cookie Cutters from IWOOT priced at £8.99

You've got to love a gift that reminds you of your childhood, right? I was obsessed with Tetris as a kid, and I was really really good at it - which is a rarity for me, as I'm usually useless at computer games. I would love to find these Tetris cookie cutters buried within my Christmas stocking - it would be the gift that keeps on giving, as I could make sets of iced cookies for my Tetris-loving friends! 

Rosie's Pantry Kitchen Timer from Boots priced £5.50 

This cute little timer reminds me of my pride and joy KitchenAid Artisan mixer, and would come in very handy in my house. 

Creme Floral Slim 2014 Diary from Joules priced at 8.00

I love stationary - especially if its pretty. That is all. 

Sailor Socks from Seasalt priced at £4.50

These socks appeal to me on two levels:
1) they're nautical, and we all know I love the nautical theme.
2) they have mustard in them. I'm obsessed with mustard. 

Brussel Sprout Tree Decoration from TCH priced at £2.50

I just LOVE this novelty tree decoration. So funny! 

Baby Lit 'A Christmas Carol' board book from Amazon priced at £4.32

Baby Lit is a really fun range of classic literature books simplified for babies! I just love this quirky idea, and think it's very 'me' to sit down and read Bert the classics before bed! ;-) 

What a fun gift!

WOW...That would be a VERY full stocking!

Okay, so £146.09 is probably a bit steep for a stocking and its gifty interior, but this wouldn't be a dream stocking if it wasn't a tad unrealistic! That's half the fun of dream shopping isn't it? 

What would make it into your dream Christmas stocking?

Big Love & Christmas Sparkle

Mrs B


Disclaimer: I was not sponsored in any way, shape or form for this post. I have put it together purely because I love the products and the shops from which you can purchase them.