Wednesday 1 February 2012

A day of doing nothing much at all....

It's been a very lazy quiet day, my back has been pretty rotten so have spent most of the day just sleeping and watching some tv on catch up (which kept jumping and pixelating - bloody VirginMedia...grr!) ... I realised last night I forgot to post a photo of the wonderful tulips my mother-in-law to be bought me when she came over for dinner last night. Tulips are my second favourite flower after gerberas, and I just love fresh flowers, they are so beautiful and elegant, and really brighten up any space.

Stunning! :-) Thank You Ruth xx

Also, another image I forgot to post, which I left out of my Afternoon Tea blog, was of this awesome pin-board I have up in my kitchen....

It was a christmas present from my lovely friend Lola (Lola-chops!), and of course, fits in with my obsession of all things afternoon-tea & cake related! :-) How did I miss this when I posted the Afternoon Tea blog?

I finally got the parcel in the post I've been waiting for...My Cath Kidston dress :-) 
There's nothing that brings a bigger and more excited smile to my face than when I receive a parcel that looks like this in the post...

I am really pleased with the dress, and just happy I can get it on and its a size 16 :-)
The two top buttons over my boobs pull slightly at the moment (I always encounter this because I have such big boobs!) but I put a little navy stroppy top underneath it and it still looks lovely, then hopefully as I reach my weightless goals it will soon do up fine on its own. Its nice to have something to aim for and get excited about wearing. Beautiful clothes are such a huge motivation for me to lose this weight, as I so love beautiful clothes and vintage fashion and in the past have rarely gotten to wear what I love because of my plus size. Things can only get better from here! 

So here's a few pics of me trying it on earlier. What do you all think? 

I'm pleased with it even with the little top underneath, and am looking forward to finding some gorgeous red accessories to go with it! :-)

Here's a close of of the dress material and the dress hung up....

So a successful delivery day me thinks. 

Also got a FREE Cath Kidston drawstring laundry bag with my order - got to love a freebie! I think I will use it to store all my wool & knitting stuff rather than dirty laundry! :-)

In WEDDING news...I think I have almost sorted the wedding DJ (just waiting for a couple more quotes for comparison purposes and having a think with my Mr before we decide) but looks promising! And am slowly getting there with furniture hire, getting some more reasonable quotes in, and starting to find companies that hire everything we're looking for. So that's good! I really want to get these 'big jobs' ticked off of the list so that I can relax a bit more and not turn into some nasty green bridezilla monster. 

My Mr emailed me this lovely BBC news story today about how Sainsbury's are renaming their famous Tiger Bread to 'Giraffe Bread' after a 3 year old girl wrote into Sainsbury's saying it looks much more like Giraffe print than tiger print! :-) Fab! Loving that social media & things going 'viral' causes these lovely little quirks and changes. Lovely to here some cute quirky news, rather than some awful depressing story!

In other 'nice' news... the W.I group I'm a member of called The Scone Roses, made it to the front cover of the Bedfordshire Clanger newspaper this week, pretty exciting for us! Great publicity! The image is based on a famous Stone Roses album cover, really funky! Good job guys! 

Bye for now