Monday 6 February 2012

New Week...positive thinking...!

So...another week has come round again, and I'm trying really hard to think positively. 

I had such a down day yesterday, got really anxious and felt so down all day. I think I've just been in the house so long now, and getting so fed up with the pain from my back, and then we had loads of snow saturday night, so I felt really trapped-in yesterday (I didn't/don't want to venture out and risk slipping on the snow/ice). Then Sainsbury's called us yesterday, to say they were not delivering any grocery shops, so they were going to have to cancel our scheduled delivery for that day - so I was pretty annoyed as we don't have a lot in the fridge & was looking forward to some yummy food being delivered. :-( 

So instead, I sat in my Pjs and ate my weight in biscuits! :-( Ooops. A better food day today - I know when I eat well it makes me feel better, if i eat junk then I feel guilty and it just makes me feel even more down. Not a good cycle! 

We watched 'The Time Traveller's Wife' film on TV last night, I thought a 'nice' movie might help 'cheer me up' - but I'd forgotten how sad it was! :-( It made me sob like a baby!! And made me feel sadder - its the sort of film that makes you remember/dread what its like to lose people so close to you. Probably wasn't the best move last night, but a very beautiful film (although not as good as the book by Audrey Niffenegger - a MUST read!).

I found it really hard to shake off the nasty feelings yesterday, but today I am trying hard to shake it all off and be more positive. I've gotten up early, opened all the curtains, had a nice breakfast and am keeping myself busy online, and with the tv - am determined to feel better and rest properly to get my back better asap. 

I've been signed off work for another week, which means I'll be back to work after half term now - this gives me two weeks to really try to get back to as close to normal as I can with my back. Hopefully I'll go back to work feeling heaps better and totally able to do my whole job.

Here are the pictures I took of all our Bedford snow....

Quite a bit of snow up Bedford way! :-) It is beautiful - but so bloomin' annoying! The whole of the UK grinds to a halt with the snow, and I'm one of them - I just don't want to go out when its like this!

Aww...something that always brings a smile to my face...taking photos of my beautiful kitten Pickle-Lily! She was hiding behind the laptop when I was typing on saturday night, and got some very cute pics of her!

 I'm hiding!!!
 What a cutie!!!
 Bat ears!!

Awwww!!! :-)

I am going to be unbearable when I have children! I have about 200 photos of my cat on my iPhone and I've only had her for 6 months! Hahaha what am I going to be like?? Deary me! 

On the subject of kids...My absolutely beautiful little cousins made a cake with their Mum yesterday and she got the absolute BEST picture of them licking the bowl! Really made my day seeing this - beautiful little munchkins!!!

A lovely way to end this post me thinks! 

Maybe more later