Saturday 4 February 2012

VERY lazy Saturday!

What a lazy saturday!

Me and the Mr have been in our PJs all day :-) I did have a shower, but just changed into fresh PJs!! Hehe. What is the point of using up clean clothes when you're staying indoors? Lazy I know, but lovely all the same. We don't get lazy weekends that often, and certainly won't when we have babies, so we're definitely making the most of it while we can.

We cooked the 'Heston style' roast chicken yesterday, and it was yummy! A very long process, and much harder than cooking a usual chicken in terms of time and effort, but it did taste very good and very juicy. We had to brine it over night, then cook it for 3 hrs at 90 degrees, then rest for 45 mins, then in a SCORCHING hot oven for 10 mins to brown. Mission! We got inspired as we've been watching the 'How To Cook Like Heston' series on channel 4 - its really good, he's such a nutter when it comes to cooking, its not really stuff we'd be likely to try at home that often, but its fun all the same. 

The website is pretty good - lots of recipes and ideas.'s our chicken...! 

Pretty tasty! 

Oooh while we're talking about tasty things....We're also following the TV show called The Fabulous Baker Brothers on Channel 4. Its a great new cooking show, by the Herbert brothers, who are not only charming and fantastic cooks, but also SCRUMMY to look at (especially Henry, the youngest, on the right) 

Back to today...I've not achieved much today except lots of resting, and doing the online food shop from Sainsbury's which is arriving tomorrow! (Hallelujah for online shopping!) A late dinner, followed by watching the film The Wrestler on Film 4 (its supposed to be really good, but I'm reserving judgement until I've seen it!) is all that's left on the agenda. 

My wicked friend Kerry, who is basically my twin (we are so alike in so many ways!) sent me this awesome 'keep calm' image today, which she made for me on her iPhone app...made me smile...

Amen to that! 

Oh, one more pic to share that I forgot to post earlier in the week...Its a fab 'get well' soup that my mum sent me! :-) Really made me smile, how sweet of her! Thanks Mum! 

That's all for today